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Igniting Soul

Here to help Starseeds and Iightworkers become a pure channel for their Higher self embodiments. Through Breathwork, Dance, and Channelling direct revelations from the Ascended Masters 

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Igniting Soul

Megan is an intuitive healer, guide, embodiment coach, and Purification specialist.

As a Joy bringer and lightworker here on the planet, Megan provides a space to allow the unfolding of your highest potential here in this lifetime. Providing, a safe space, to feel nurtured, and the ability to understand, to accept, and move forward by offering her intuitive, imaginary ways of living, outside the Box of ordinary.
Traveling through many dark places, as this world can bring so many for us, she has mastered the ability to transmute, transfigure and align with the I AM,  through daily conscious witnessing and practices, so the everyday nudges are always forward. Her work involves intuitive insights, movement, connection, compassion, she offers many in-person events, online and one on one sessions to bring you into your own inner healer's heart.  Her signature program is a deep 8-month journey into our bodies to experience and reclaim our lives, our own visions and dreams of the worlds were meant to create.

Innocence, playfulness, and excitement can be found once the threads of our pasts have been unwoven from the body.

In much peace and many blessings

Please enjoy this Message and Transmission with Mary Magdalene and join my list to keep up to date on my work.  youll need 45 mins. to listen

Many blessing, Megan Hill

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Welcome To

Megan Hill


 Biodynamic breathwork group experience

Expect great tenderness and skill in how safety is created; in how sacredness is cultivated; in how space is expertly held; and how the ceremony itself is conducted. You never feel alone despite the process being a solo journey. Megan is always watching, checking in, holding space, and facilitating the journey in a manner that helps you to reach into places that need the light of understanding and love. The job of each participant is to show up and be ready to engage the work…the container is made ready for this to happen

Denise Kingston Can

Be Present in the Moment 

Own your Life, release the fears held from dealing with sexual trauma, physical trauma, emotional and womb trauma. The most effective ways are through experiencing and releasing the fear.  I believe you must transmute the cells holding the traumas, in order to remove the effect it has on your body, mind, and spirit. And then reclaim and reprogram them to your own desires.

I offer an 8 month inventive, intense Igniting Soul coaching and embodiment program, as well as one on one online coaching, music and movement emotional release sessions, Xpress Groove,  and Biodynamic breathwork privately, as well as group experiences. 

I believe in order to heal, we must feel, in order to feel we must be safe, and in order to be safe, we must trust and listen. Meditation, breathing, moving, dancing, feeling is the only way true health can be found. My modalities come down to you. What do I mean? 

everything you have ever wanted, desired wished is there, deep inside of you and so the tools will present themselves in your perfect timing, for your perfect way to

Let me assist you, for my desire and your soul's desire are the same.

Peace love acceptance.


I want to find your greatest solutions, I wish for you to feel safe, supported, and understood. Let's chat about what your needs are and How I can help.

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