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Indigo Retreats is a small private retreat center in the Heart of the Rideau Lakes, Westport Ont.

If you're looking for a safe space to connect with nature and come back to the truths of who you really are—part of the Cycles, of life. 

We have camping and a Geodesic Dome available in a serene area of our property. We live onsite and Can supply food and meals, also enlightened conversations. 

Megan is an intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and embodiment ascension assistant, offering services in the area of Breathwork, dance, coaching, and Purification. 

Jean arvisais is a Healer and trained with the shamanic institute for over 4 years, plus a Reconnective healing practitioner and reiki master. Though at this time he isn't offering private sessions he is welcome to open conversations.   The energies here are tranquil and serene. Whether you want to enjoy your own company or ours, we promise a stay that will give you the space and time to delve into your own personal healing. 

As a chef for many years in my family's business, I offer meals simply cooked or the use of our outdoor kitchen for your own meal prep if choosing to. 

The experience is camping and so a compostable toilet is used and electrical is only available by request with an extension cord from our home. Most stays are short, due to the lack of showers. 

There is a pond full of birds and creatures turtles, frogs many squirrels, and chipmunks to enjoy. 

The dome is where sessions are offered as well as a double futon bed and a bunk bed. 

Geodesic domes are created with a certain frequency and the space automatically brings balance to your energetic body. 

Personal retreats include

one night stay

2 meals

1 service 


larger groups can be offered aswell. up to 3 people in the dome or 2 4 person tents. 

these must be booked directly with Megan

this is a family property where 3 generations live. 10 acres with ancient rocks, crystals, water trees, and forest. 

if you would like to book a weekend or week day please email me personally to set dates. 

Packages are available

576 Hutchings Road westport ont. 

text message 6134842193

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