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Channelled Readings

 Receive Higher Self lead activation's, healings and transmissions directly for you.

Accelerated Ascension messages bring light, understanding and knowledge of past lifetimes, purpose and lifetimes To assist in your process of Ascension in this Lifetime.

As we are raising higher vibration-ally, it is of great importance on whom we have working directly with our higher self offering healing and initiations.  The Ascended Masters are some of the most powerful healers. I have seen them do the most magnificent healings. Each Master has a service and when they work together its magnificent.

Megan works in any dimensional frequency meaning, if you wish to get answers from someone passed over, or your guides, life direction, star families, she offers this. A fully open channel. 


"What an incredible experience I had in sessions with Megan. It was so easy to connect to her gentle energy and trust, while she was leading me into the journey deep within.

The messages I have received through Megan from beyond brought me clarity about my purpose. It also brought me peace as I was reassured that I am on the right path.

At the time before sessions, I didn't feel good physically, emotionally, and in spirit. Ascension process was tiring and draining me. Megan was able to bring in guides to assist me with profound healing that my being urgently needed. I felt lifted by divine energy surging into my body bringing unexplainable tender relief. I felt pure godly love. The light surrounding me grounded and washed away the darkness.

With guidance I was able to open up to healing release deep ancestral wounds for many generations of my ancient family. I was reminded that I am loved and all is well. I truely believe some angels are sent to earth in human from to assist us. I have no doubt Megan is here to help others to bring clarity, profound healing, transformation and transfiguration to Lightworkers. "

Neringa Dan, Spain 


What happens in a session

Megan connects to your higher self and team in spirit. As a Divine Channel Megan brings in your ascension team to assist in whatever your in need of to pursue your purpose. 

As a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, Megan offers a very personal experience, she shares to the very best understanding, what shes seeing, as your team works with you, she hears messages and gives them to you with a questioning humor, and makes you feel completely at ease. You are welcome to have questions. 


Receive Directly from the 8 Keycodes of The Sophia Code 

White buffalo women, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdaline, Jesus, Quan yin, Mavatar Babajji, and the Sophia Dragons and Sophia god, have been channelled directly to her clients. These ascended Masters are right here ready for your saying Yes.

Megan is a bridge to have these mentors either work directly with you, or transport you to another world, or time. Each encounter is completely unique. Its wonderful to have questions, of the messages you'd like to know more about. Yet your higher self is of great awareness and can and will usually answer this questions without much prompting.

I find after your encounters with these Masters that your direct communication opens so as you can continue working with them in your own time and place.

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