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Sophia Circle Experience with Megan  







Are you ready to experience your light and magic in this lifetime? 

Are you here for the real deal spirituality, the one where you hold the responsibility of your world you are creating?

The Sophia circle experience with Megan is an opportunity to receive more of your true calling. In this one and a half hour online circle experience 


you will

Be guided through a ceremonial space directly communing with Sophia god.


You will welcome the ascended Master quan yin to bless your water so you may receive blessings for the days to come.


Participate in a reading activation from the Sophia code, sharing and uplifting your voice activating your own and others sovereign divinity.


Commune with your Higher self and receive guidance.


  Have the opportunity to have a question answered and Receive a message from one of the ascended Masters of the Sophia Dragon tribe. 


This event is for you


If you have had a spiritual awakening and want to gain, greater wisdom of your divine plan for this lifetime.

If you have been on a spiritual journey for a long time and have come to find the Sophia Code and wish to embody more of its teachings.

If you wish to experience a community of Starseeds and Lightworkers activating their sovereign Divinity together.

If you wish to connect more fully with your higher self and receive greater insights into your life and purpose. 


Megan Hill

Is a Sophia circle journey leader, a clairvoyant channel of the Sophia dragon tribe, purification specialist, ascension guide and light dancer.

She brings a softing and awareness to your spiritual journey, uplifting your natural talents and gifts. Bringing awareness to the everyday gifts of being alive. 

She keeps things simple and doesn't add in all the huff and puff of spiritual lingo, 

just down to earth and committed spiritual empowerment.

Who Are We

Are you ready 

Have you  wondered what a Sophia Circle Journey involves? 

Are you curious what the 13 circle experience is all about?

This event will solve all your questions, as you will be guided through one ceremony.


after the ceremony have the opportunity to have a direct message from one of the Key codes of the Sophia code, via Megan so as to gain greater insight into your ascension journey. 

Time to ask your Higher Self,

Is this Free Sophia Circle Experience for me?

                                                        Experience is happening  Dec.7th at 4pm est

Get On The List

Sign up to receive this Free Virtual Expereince expect a 2 hour event completely free.

Thanks you for Registering for this Sophia Circle Expereince. Expect a email within the next day giving you all the information needed. And see you soon.

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