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Igniting Soul Coaching 

Booking a coaching Package with Megan, will all be done on zoom, so you can book from anywhere in the world. A transformational Soul package is done with 6 hours of calls over 4 weeks plus unlimited email and text messages, to help when most needed. Megan provides support through your desires to be and create the best life for you. Together you find out your greatest desires in life, then what is holding you back. Megan is a do and be anything necessary kind of girl, and provides huge support guidance and counselling to assist you on your implication of self realization. Sessions will bring, awareness to patterns, beliefs, uncharted areas with in your subconscious, with techniques and tools to assess these and begin removing all that's holding you back from manifesting your dreams.  You'll never know exactly which direction a call with go, but a transformation is always achieved.  Bonus coaching can be added on for visionary assistance to manifest your spiritual buisness.

Please book a discovery  call to see if your a match for Megan's coaching Program. 

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