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I'm Megan

So happy to have you join my page here.

I love movement, expressive dance, bold self-expression, country living, traveling, animals, children,  my 2 lovely daughters, my partner Jean, and my parents. 
I have never been one for school and have found, self-lead learning to be my greatest accomplishment. Never fitting in,  I had to learn through passion excitement, and mission.  I've taken many styles of training, lessons, workshops in tons of different fields, whatever was needed for me to do what I wanted.  Never afraid to embark on a new direction.  I am extremely spiritually conscious, since an awakening at the age of 15 where I knew that my life was far bigger than this human reality had me believe. 
I'm here to see humanity take its own initiative in life. To start creating their own ways of showing up, fully, not inside the boxes we have been led to believe is THE WAY.
I give you passion, excitement, and determination.

I have been intrigued with emotions, spirituality, ascension, reaching the highest best good for my life through a lens of Trauma and self-abuse. Though I choose to try and live a regular human life,  a house,  a car, a husband, a child, and working in a Family run business. I always knew there would be a point where those identities would be shed. 
I had another huge awakening at the age of 27 that I left that life mostly behind and starting with energy work, kundalini yoga, regular practices, connecting with angels, and spirits, to be guided.  
I shifted my mind, my thoughts the ways I behaved I stopped my emotions from running my anger, my fear, I lived the way spirituality said was Right.............
But after about 12 years..........
I went through a dark night of the soul. I still found narcissistic relationships everywhere around me, I was creating a reality that was hell, yet with all, I had learned about the manifestation and the inner realities creating the external ones I was failing miserably and felt to give up all together.
I was Angry at the spiritual abuse and God for putting me here.
I did I gave up......  holding on to what I thought spirituality was.
I began to work with the body in new ways, entering memories with hypnotherapy and physical wounds and I uncovered, Abuse, physical, emotional, sexual and traumas from within my mother's womb. I began to see how my nervous system was frozen and I had lived a life outside of my body.
I had also drawn to me, reoccurrences of not being wanted, of self-inflicting abuse to myself over and over due to my unconscious physical body holding onto unprocessed traumas within my tissues. 
I entered into a deep purification of all the body.  Recalibrating all The tissues that had held my former beliefs about myself. 
I learned how to safely relive these experiences and restore and reclaim those parts that I never integrated. 
I trained in these modalities and saw the need for nervous system regulation, opportunities for safe spaces to feel, to express to share to be seen, all that I had not been able to at the time. I learned that through this reclaiming, experiencing, and knowing I was meant to feel wholeness,  I could return to my true authentic self, welcoming my Higher-self.
I help others go through the purification process, to burn away the unneeded unclaimed and cleanse all that's no longer wanted for them. My mission is my soul's desire to assist others, that have been so deeply wounded disconnected, and alone to know their worth to know their own self-love and to create their most epic lives through conscious soul-directed missions. 




I see a world where all beings are unique, equal and one. CommUNITY is the way, support, love, and devotion to self-compassionate Love. I envision a world where we dance, sing, join all ages, all humans together. Allowing our children to expand, being with our elders through their wisdom. I wish nothing more than a Whole Human experience soul, body, and mind.


I have come with pure and utter surrender to the divine will. We are here to be completely full of joy and light,  NO not by removing or ignoring the dark but by choosing to be all of it. Authentic, true, and real. I am tireless when it comes to assisting you to find these depths of passion and excitement within you. 

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