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BioDynamic Breathwork is a powerful healing modality. Created by the genius of Gitan Tonkov, this revolutionary system of somatic therapy combines breath, conscious movement, and energy and body work to assist you in releasing blockages and trauma stored in your system. Essentially, it is a practice of embodiment. The deep connected breathing, fluid movement, tissue / muscle release, and energetic clearing brings you more fully into your body where feelings are felt, long held survival responses are expressed, and profound insight is gained.

“The BBTR (BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release) system enables us to experience the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being. Furthermore, this approach expands our capacity to contain and support the free flow of vital life energy. As a result it re-structures at a cellular level, supporting the full opening of the spine and releasing chronic tensions held in the nervous system.” ~ Gitan Tonkov, Founder of BBTRS


Belts of Tension

The first session is a general one without any area of particular focus. After completion, you are invited to partake in a series of sessions where you work through seven “belts of tension”. As defined by Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, each belt focuses on a different segment of your body where trauma is stored, starting with your head and working your way down to the pelvis and legs.

The belts are as followed:

Thoracic (includes arms)
Pelvic (includes legs)

Working through the segments and releasing the belts in this order is purposeful and systematic. Clearing the upper belts first creates a pathway for trapped sexual, life or kundalini energy to release, rise up through the body, and be experienced, which contributes to our vitality and overall health.